Lord of the Flies, Alternative Ending

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away watching as Jack and Roger walked into the clearing where he sat, “Where could he have gone? There is no where to hide?” Roger groaned poking the end of his spear into the ground. Ralph felt a urge to stand up and finally give up, but his father had taught him better, his father was a fighter shouldn’t he be too? He glanced around his shoulder noticing the twins break into the trees behind him. They made eye contact and looked away hurrying off towards Roger and Jack. Ralph sighed crawling deeper into the burned trees, he looked ahead noticing the burned stick and around it the pieces of bone from the broken pig head. He shuttered standing and holding his spear tightly in his hands. Jack looked over noticing the twins walking slowly towards him he stood straighter, “What?” The twins jumped before pointing to where Ralph had gone, “He, he went out there.” Jack grinned pushing the twins aside and walking out into the meadow. “Well, well, well. Lookie what we have here.” He pushed his tangled hair behind his shoulder. Ralph sighed, “Get it over with Jack.” Roger giggled running out into the meadow, before Ralph could react he was surrounded, hunted down like some kind of animal, the kids looked barbaric, they had all gone mad with their war paint and blood covered spears. Ralph held the spear up in defense. The hunters jumped at him tightening their circle poking him with their spears grabbing at his. Ralph yelled poking his spear forwards he felt the tip dig into something, someone yelling. Before he could pull it out, they were on him shoving him to the ground, Ralph dropped his spear trying to fight back, trying to escape the hunters, somehow. Jack laughed stabbing his spear down hitting flesh. Ralph screamed out, begging them to stop. The hunters continued in a clockwise dance, stabbing, poking and kicking. Jack laughed the circle becoming wide once again, Ralph lay in a mess, a puddle of blood appearing around him, he took a shallow breath Jack pushed him...
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