Lord Of The Flies

Topics: Sin, Ten Commandments, Good and evil Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 21, 2001
In Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a very important theme continued throughout the novel. This theme states that man's basic nature is evil. In the novel, we are shown the perfect example of the evilness in man by the "hunters." This group is led by Jack. Jack and the hunters portray three basic qualities that show the reader a man's evil nature. These three traits are greed, rebellion, and hate.

Jack is an apparent example of greed. He becomes upset when Ralph is elected to the position as chief. Eventually Jack wants to be chief so bad that he makes his own group and turns into a dictator over his followers. The power can change someone to turn evil. Everyone has heard in cartoons about a certain object that cannot fall into the wrong hands or the world will end, well it is actually a fundamental truth. If power falls into the wrong hands then not only will the man turn wicked, but the government will also become corrupt. Greed is a sign of the evil nature on man.

In the novel, there are several examples of rebellion. The kids go farther and farther away from their parents teachings. They eventually turn away from the "conch", their symbol of order. When the naval officer comes to rescue the children, a littlun cannot even say his own name because they had all strayed so far from society's views. When man begins to rebel, we are certain to find an evil nature in his heart. The fifth commandment says, "Thou shalt honor thy father and mother." When man rebels, he not only breaks society's laws, but he also breaks God's laws.

The last evidence of evil nature is hate. This is the most severe form of wickedness. Hate can lead many impure thoughts to actions. The best example of hate in Lord of the Flies is the contempt towards Piggy, especially by Roger. Roger's hate grows until he eventually kills Piggy. Roger's sadistic character not only shows hatred, but qualifies as the best portrayal of evil nature in man. The sixth commandment says, "Thou...
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