Lord of the Flies

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In Lord of the Flies William Golding demonstrates that within every mans heart is a place that he defaults to. In Lord of the flies the boys develop a delusion that there is a beast that lives on the island for the sole purpose of eating the children, as we find out in the book the beast is not real, but it is a delusion in the children’s head. This delusion causes them to de-evolve, physically but mentally, in essence causing them to become barbaric and savage. I believe that this de-evolution is what William Golding meant to portray when he wrote lord of the flies

In Lord of the Flies a character named Simon is somewhat immune to the effects of the island; even though he does have the “darkness in a mans heart”, he is the only one who has the proof or the potential to prove that the that the beast is not real. In the book Simon is the ‘Anti-body’ for the mental decay. Unfortunately Simon gets killed (mistaken for the beast) allowing the decay to flourish amongst the group.

The event of Simon talking to the sow’s head also known as the lord of the flies plays a crucial role in the book. For one it proves that all of the boys including Simon contain the evil in which the beast can exist amongst. Second it proves that even Simon can be affected. Lastly it proves that the beast has a conscience and that the lord of the flies admits to being all in their head.

Lord of the flies is a story that shows the inner working s of a man, specifically a mans downfall, the darkness within a mans heart. The lord of the flies uses the boys and exploits their weakness and creates the delusion of the beast to manipulate them into doing his bidding. Golding in a way created a story that
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