Lord of the Flies

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‘Lord of the flies’ a novel by William Golding explores the fragility of civilisation and charts the deterioration order on the island. The novel is based on a group of abandoned school boys who are left on a deserted island. They have to establish a sense of democracy but the democratic approach deteriorates and chaos breaks out. The main theme is the struggle between savagery and civilisation. The boys lose the hope of getting rescued and everyday activities slip away into oblivion. In the beginning Piggy and Ralph explore the island. They realise they have to establish a sense of order, a leader to follow and guide them. They call the survivors together by using a conch shell. The conch becomes the symbol of democracy and order among the boys. Just like in school, to speak they have to put their hands up, on the island they hold the conch. “We can’t have everyone talking at once. We will just have to have ‘hands up’ like at school’ he held up the conch before his face ‘Then I will give him the conch.” This shows the sense of order the group has achieved. However from this point on Jack and Ralph’s views clash and the cracks in the foundations of their civilisation start to show. After the boys are all accounted for Ralph decides that there should be a chief. The boys decide between Ralph and Jack. “Him with the shell’ ‘Ralph! Ralph!’ ‘Let him be it with the trumpet-thing.” The boys want Ralph as chief even though mortification shows on Jack’s face. “Ralph counted. “I’m chief then.” The circle of boys broke into applause. Even the choir applauded and the freckles on Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification.” This indicates Jack’s malevolence from the onset. Once Ralph is chief he thinks the best way to get rescued is to have a signal fire on the mountain top so passing ships can see the smoke. A great fire is built upon the mountainside but, once the fire is lit by Piggy’s glasses, it rears out of control and the boy with the mulberry birthmark...
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