Lord of the Flies

Topics: Decision making, Mind, Cognition Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: May 13, 2013
March 7, 2013
Lord of the Flies Research Paper

Have you ever come to think how much your parents do for you? They not only provide you with the essentials for life, they also teach you right from wrong and keep you out of harms way. But in this novel the children lack parental supervision, this lead to more irrational decisions. Once the plane crashed, the two oldest tried to take order. In other words they tried to perceive themselves as leaders. The author’s purpose in doing this was probably to establish or give the impression that they were the “parents” of the kids. For example jack tried to provide the youngest with shelter with set of rules. While Ralph tried to gather meat for everyone. Moreover, lacking true parental supervision led to irrational decision making. For examples they killed a pig and placed the head on a stick. That was not insanity for them to do that. Since they were deprived of real parental their judgment was impaired. This also led to confusion among the kids. Piggy is conscious and aware of the fact that they will not be rescued, where as the other boys either ignore it or are ignorant of this fact. He is considered to be the voice of reason with his rational and intellectual thought process even though he is also considered to be an outsider due to his physical appearance Furthermore, not only did the children make irrational decisions. But it also takes a psychological toll on them. The physicality also takes a toll on them. They had to depend on each other decisions. The more decisions was made the more they got divided. Imagine trying to take care of yourself as a young teenager. that brings enormous amount of stress on to a child. As a result they had psychotic visions and thoughts. They rubbed pig blood on their faces. Plus they worshiped a konick shell. As the leader, Ralph would try to accommodate everyone’s needs by listening to everyone’s opinion. When...
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