Lord of the Flies

Topics: Kill, English-language films, Feeling Pages: 3 (1101 words) Published: April 4, 2013
A Lost Soul
Brianna L. Robinson
English 1 Honors
Ridgeview High School

The character of Jack in Lord of The Flies represents an evil anarchy for the human creation which unleashes to show his dark thirst for power. He uses his sense of atavism to consume the souls of those among him that fall under his power.

Jack has always shown that deep feeling of darkness throughout this book but it hides itself beneath his actual appearance. “Inside the floating cloak he was tall, thin, and bony; and his hair was red beneath the black cap. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness.” Ralph examines. (pg.20). So, his physical image doesn’t compare to what he turns out to actually be later in the book. He was still a scary creature but wasn’t described as a human figure because of the emotion that Ralph felt as Jack proceeded onto the island. This shows how looks can be deceiving in general and this foreshadows events that will take place. Into the play of hunting where Jack has hesitation of killing a piglet, this brings out his humanity side where he has the feeling of terror. He’s an English boy that never has had to kill anything before, for the most part. It confronts him in a scary way to the point where he decides to not kill the piglet. He then feels embarrassed and makes a promise that next time he will kill it. Jack may feel mostly embarrassed because he is known as head of his choir and it was his job to hunt for the others and he may have felt that he let them down by letting the piglet get away. Maybe the blood or the scene of killing an animal was too much for his eyes to take in and he turned away from that. However, this reaction leads him to change and he encourages a killing later that he created himself. Jack is emotionless towards the death of Piggy and Simon and doesn’t look back after going down his dark road. His importance changed from killing the piglet to killing in general so he could feel his dominant act....
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