Lord of the Flies

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Lord Of The Flies
Assignment #2
By: Heather Jennings
Adult Basic Education
English 3101 A

(1.) The Theme of the novel Lord Of The Flies,
There are many themes that could be used to describe the theme of this novel such as, -People will abuse power if it is not earned.
-The fear of the unknown can be a powerful force, which can turn you to either insight or hysteria.
The main theme of this novel however is, "Society holds everyone together, and without these conditions, our ideas, values, and the basic of right and wrong are lost. Without society's rigid rules, anarchy and savagery can come to light."

I do very much agree with this theme. You see it everyday. When people are taken out of their "normal" settings and put somewhere that they are not used to with different rules and regulations they tend to act differently. Especially a group of children being taken from a life of living by rules given to them by teachers, parents etc. It would be normal for them to get excited and behave the way that they would.

This novel though, took the situation to the extremes and the children on the island acted savage, and took advantage of their situation with no proper rules to follow. Jack especially took advantage of the fact that he had been granted the power to be the Choir leader . He took this to make him the leader of the whole group giving him rights to "boss" the others around.

So yes, the theme of "Society Holds everyone together and without these conditions, our ideas, values and basic of right and wrong are lost." Is an excellent theme for this novel.

(2.) The type of person who would abuse power in a way such as jack did. Would be someone who has been granted authority without having earned it rightfully, and is abusing the fact that he/she has people who will listen and follow them. These type of people are irresponsible to the fact that they can not handle having authority over something or someone. They abuse the power.

(3.) The...
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