Lord of Flyes

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

The novel, Lord of the Flies, takes place on a dessert island in the 20th century. It is not a very big island, and though it is beautiful it is also mysterious, and consist the unknown. There are places, which look like the Garden of Eden, but the fruit gives them diarrhea, at day it is a paradise, but at night the children get nightmares. Like this the Fable by William Golding is filled with contrast and symbols.

Ralph is the main character in the story. He symbolises the average person. He is a normal, English boy about 12 years. He has fair hair, and is very proper. In the beginning of the novel, Ralph and Piggy is alone on the Island. Here Ralph is arrogant, rood, bragging, and only concerned of him self. He is an unknowing child, and not very nice towards Piggy. But it is with the help of Piggy that Ralph calls all the other boys to a gathering, by blowing a conch. The conch is the symbol of power, rules, and the one who gathered all the boys. This way of calling them all to an assembling makes Ralph the natural leader. As the story develops, Ralph does as well. He becomes more concerned about the others, and even though he has been acting like the leader from the start, he gets better at it as the time goes by. He becomes more adult. From the start it was very important to him to build a rescue fire, to built huts, and make rules, all to be civilized. But the most important thing to him is to get rescued. As the story develops it is like Ralph we, as the reader, experience the change of the boys behaviour. - Ralph represents the reader, as the reader is the average person. From Ralph being the most admired boy, Jack slowly takes over as the popular one. Jacks new leader role turns almost all boys into savages, but Ralph still stands by the importance of being rescued, and tries to hold on to the civilities, but that is hard with Jack trying to take control.

Jack enters the story with a whole choir as...
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