Lord of Flies Teamwork

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Dema Puzikov
General English
Wednesday, 26, 2012
There is no “I” in Teamwork

If a group of people does not work together to reach a common goal the goal will not be achieved. In the Lord of the Flies by William Golding kids are trapped on an island that lack teamwork while trying to get rescued. Their lack of teamwork nearly ends their chances of being saved. Golding details the futility of people who do not share common priorities and values, and thus, cannot accomplish a unified goal. Jack and the Hunters are big example of not showing teamwork and sharing a common priority. Jack and the Hunters are not only responsible for finding food but also other responsibilities. The only thing Jack and the Hunters care about is hunting. “Come on! I’ll creep up and stab-“(Golding 64). Jack and the hunters are getting ready to go hunting even though they are on fire duty. Another responsibility that Jack and his crew have to do is keep the fire going. “You let the fire go out”(Golding 69). Jack and his crew were on fire duty but left to hunt. While they were hunting a ship passes the island and the boys don’t get rescued do to the lack of smoke coming from the mountain top. Jack and the hunters are an example of showing lack of sharing a priority because they only care about hunting and because of this a ship passes the island. The second group that shows lack of sharing a common goal are the little uns. Because the little uns are young they do not have many responsibilities but they are very uncaring. “…We chose those rocks right along beyond the bathing pool as a lavatory…”(Golding 80). The little uns are very careless and go poop anywhere they please. This makes walking difficult because you have to dodge the poop like a mine field. Because the little uns poop where ever they want this ruins Ralph’s plan of sanitation and his orders. Another way the little uns help in no way is by not filling up the coconut shells with water. “The shells are dry “...
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