Lord Byron- She Walks in Beauty

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Maddy Wilson
Mrs. Haines
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25 January 2012
More Than Meets The Eye
Love poems are one of the most simple and easy to understand forms of writing. They have a basic formula consisting of an introduction of the subject that is being written about, several comparisons, and a profession of the author’s love towards the subject. Although this may vary from poem to poem, the initial idea remains the same. On the surface of these poems, the words seem to be very shallow and are general compliments that have no depth. In contrast, many lines of a love poem allude to a deeper meaning, but it is up to the reader to figure out these hidden implications. This is the case in Lord Byron’s piece, She Walks in Beauty, composed in 1814.

During the evening of June 11, 1814, Lord Byron- also known as George Gordon Byron- attended a party in which he met the stunning Anne Beatrix Wilmot, whom was the wife of his first cousin. She inspired the composition of this poem, although Byron could not marry her (“Byron She Walks In Beauty”).

Throughout Lord Byron’s poem, he references the night. This is so because the night harnesses an intense, powerful feeling, close to fear, that can only be felt if a true lust is occurring for another. Byron obviously feels this love and lust at the same time. The author also alludes to daytime as often as nighttime. Day represents protection and happiness along with reassurance and liveliness. These times he discusses are contrasting to each other, which fits with the main theme of the paper: Battling internal desires having to do with platonic love and lust. Byron wants to love this beautiful woman modestly and chastely but he lusts for her magnificence along with it. Byron includes multiple opposing comparisons between Anne and the objects she is identified with. In the first stanza, line 3, Bryon exclaims that this woman is both dark and bright together (“600. She Walks In Beauty”), referencing the dissimilarity between good and...

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