Topics: Heaven, Sin, God Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: November 21, 2013
Jaslyn Eloisil
PHI 2010
Writing Assignment 1
My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
Who is greater to live for than the one and only Jesus Christ? He is the one that died for our sins, the one that created everything living and nonliving on Earth, the ruler of all. His death allowed forgiveness for the sins of everyone on Earth. Why not give Him thanks by living for Him? Not allowing Him to be the ruler of your life is asking to spend an eternity in the fiery pits of hell. I enjoy summer heat as much as the next guy but spending an eternity in it is not something on my to-do list. In order to avoid that final destination, I allow the Lord to govern every aspect of my life, which should, in turn, grant access to Heaven. Living for the Lord is definitely a route that should be taken by everyone no matter what their circumstances are.

If one has nothing to live for, why not choose to live on the path of righteousness? The path of righteousness consists of living without guilt or sin and adhering to moral principles. One must walk with the Lord in every step that is taken and live in the image of Him. This means changing sinful ways, praying more often than usual, and doing the work of the Lord. It may sound tough but there is a great outcome of it in the end and almost 100% of the time life is virtuous with Him by your side. Often, people tend to have a fear of not being accepted by Him because of all of their wrong doing but nevertheless, He is a very forgiving Lord “The Lord our God is merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against him;” (Daniel 9:9). Everyone is His child whether they are a sinner or not and He would never let any of His children down. Once one allows him or her to join their self on the path to righteousness, nothing can stand in their way. Of course, there will be challenges thrown at them but it is only a test of their faith from the Lord. He would never set one of His children up for something that he or she could...
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