Loose and Broad Interpretation of the Constitution

Topics: Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, George Washington / Pages: 3 (572 words) / Published: Sep 3rd, 2012
During the early stages of the United States, two political parties emerged disagreeing with each other of who should have the power and what kind of government the nation should be composed of. The Federalist party wanted a strong national government and was thought to have a loose interpretation of the Constitution through the Elastic Clause. Onthe other hand, the Jeffersonian Republican party maintained that the states should retain the power and thought that the Elastic clause allowed the national govt too much power. They were know as the strict constructionists. Although the Republicans maintained this characterization at the beginning, the two parties exchanged their roles with each other during the presidencies of Jefferson and Madison, either because of certain political and foreign circumstances or ironically to make sure that the other party loses its power. Republicans maintained themselves as strict at the beginning of Jefferson's presidency. Thomas Jefferson believed that the states or people should have the power and that a so diverse country could not be controlled by one single government (doc A) because it would lead to a monarchy where the people dont have the right to speak. In short he believed that a national government should be needed whenever a war appear in order to defend themselves just like the revious Articles of Confederation. On the other hand, the Republicans changed their perspectives once facing certain political, foreign and religious problems and this caused a change concerning their strict interpretation of the Constitution. Republicans, who did not accept the Elastic Clause, started making use of it. For example, the Louisiana purchase was thought to be unconstitutional but president Thomas Jefferson argued that it was a very beneficial territory, making this his argument for the government to come and accept it. The people lost their right of protection during the republican presidency because they made use of the

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