Looking Up

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Looking Up
“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little bit of each other everywhere”-Unknown. Growing up as a child was never really a tough thing for me. I came from a solid family with nothing but the normal issues that would come between us. My 2 brothers were always there to nag me about everything, then of course tell on me when I did something wrong. When I would get told on they would always run to my Dad, who always made the punishment a lot worse, but for good reason. My brothers were both “mommy’s boys” growing up, but me, no way, I was a “daddy’s boy”. My dad taught me the value of respect and honesty towards everyone. He always told me to put myself in someone else’s shoes and appreciate what I had. This man I call “Dad” is the most influential person in my life.

As a child I can and will always remember all the time I spent with my dad. If it came down to going with mom or dad, I would always choose my dad. He was the most important thing to me in my life. From as far back as I can remember every summer we would go to the beach and spend a week there for our summer vacation. Everyday when we would go out onto the beach my dad would always drag me out into the ocean and “jump waves.” As a little kid he could pull me up really high to make me feel like I could fly, when really in my mind when I look back it makes me feel like I was flying. I look back and begin to reminisce on the good times of being a child and how the people around me made me feel, like my dad. He always knew the right thing to tell me even when he knew I didn’t want to hear it. Regardless of how I felt about it then, it really turned me around and shaped me into the person I am today.

As children grow up, they are all raised in different households and brought up differently, depending on how their parents want to raise their child. In my household it was more of a “tough love” kind of thing. We had a lot of great times but then there was also some of it that came down too being “tough” and not being a girl. Most of this came from my dad. As a kid I can remember that my dad was always the one who would tell me to “quit crying” or to “straighten up”. Which being a small child, when I would hear that it would just make me cry even more. It was almost as if someone broke my leg and then told me not to cry about it. Well, maybe I over exaggerated that a tiny bit, but it was still all about being tough. Having to really bulk up as a kid in a psychological way was one of the best things for me. I’ve put up with a lot of stress in my life, and being raised like that made it a lot easier on my mind to handle it all and I have my dad to thank for all of that.

Throughout my life my dad was all about going out as a family and doing things together. To him I guess it was more of spending time together to really “drink in” the good ole days. Like everyone always said, “They won’t stay young forever,” and my dad was all about spending time at the lake. I felt like every week during the summer my dad would pick out a day where he was off work and we would go to the lake. The first time we ever went dad was ultimately determined to get my brother and I to water ski, so my dad put my brother and I up on the tailgate of his truck and taught us everything he knew about water skiing and the rest was history. I remember going out for the first time and I kept telling myself, “arms out, knees bent” and guess what I did? I face planted right back into the water like a skydiver without a parachute. It was one of the weaker points of my life where I was so frustrated that I quit. So of course, as usual, my dad finally convinces me to get up and try it one more time, and as he promised, I got up first try and it made me the happiest kid in the world. All because of my dad telling me, “one more time Joey,” and that’s all it took for me to accomplish one simple thing such as water skiing. He was always there pushing me,...
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