Looking for Alibrandi Essay

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An important relationship in the book Looking for Alibrandi by Melina marchette is Josie Alibrandi and Jacob Coote relationship. This is an important relationship because it completely changes through out the novel and is a relationship that helps her find herself. At the beginning of the novel Josie and Jacob hate each other and don’t get along at all. But as they start spending more time with each other and get to know each other more their relationship grows and they understand each other more and form a healthy relationship.

The relationship between Josie and Jacob is very important because they both are so similar. “You’re so lucky ,you don’t have to live with religion or culture, just by the law!” “That’s bullshit! I hate how you simplify my lif like that!” Jacob helps Josie to loosin up and live her life and takes her mind of things like complications at school and with her family. He helps her stand up for herself and against her Nonna and father. Jacob starts to respect Josie’s culture and beliefs and Josie also starts to do this to Jacob. They both learn from the way they live and realize that it’s ok to be different from eachother.

At the beginning, Josie couldn’t think anything of Jacob because he came across as somebody completely different to her and an arrogant person but as he start to develop feelings for her he makes an effort to be kind to her and respect her opinions.” ‘Get on the bike,’ he snapped. ‘ Don’t yell at me.’ ‘ Your stupid,’ he yelled ……. ‘Listen… you wanna go out?” having somebody like Jacob Coote in Josies life is very important because they are actually very similar even if they don’t notice at the beginning. Jacob and Josie both only have one parent that has raised them so they both feel like there are bits missing from them.

I admire the relationship between Josie and Jacob, because even though there relationship isn’t perfect they always find ways around their problems and help eachother to sort things "I know deep...
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