Looking for Alibrandi and the Memory Keepers Daughter

Topics: Melina Marchetta, Protagonist, First-person narrative Pages: 3 (1085 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Through events in life that trigger change the responder is challenged to accept that knowledge is gained through change, and that change helps the development of a persons identity. The texts ‘’Looking for Alibrandi’’ by Melina Marchette and ‘’The Memory Keepers Daughter’’ by Kim Edwards both challenge the responder to enhance their understanding of change. Both Marchette and Edwards’s use several narrative techniques to convey change and effectively show the life challenges faced that develop a persons identity. PAC what/ technique 1:

Melina Marchetta’s novel ‘‘Looking for Alibrandi’’ was written in a time of multicultural integration. It explores issues facing young adults and is intended for this age group. The first person narration is used to invite the reader into Josie’s personal thought space, and conveys her feelings as she changes. At the start we see Josie as a immature teenager who looked at everything being a burden upon her, ‘’ I could write a book about my problems’’, as the story goes on Josie’s perspective on her life and what matters changes through experience. ‘’Things that worried me a few months ago no longer worry me as much’’. The intimate diary like feel the reader gets through first person narration challenges the responder to develop along with Josie and observe the knowledge gained, and increased sense of identity she feels. Technique 2:

The linear structure is another technique used to explore change in ‘’Looking for Alibrandi’’, which greatly contributes, to her new transformation and sense of identity. It immediately gives a strong sense of continuity in the storyline and has a solid episodic feel and it is relayed by the shifting focus of Josie. Initially Josie’s attitude towards Michael Andretti is negative ‘’How dare you think I want to be in your life’’ as the story unfolds Josie goes through episodes of her life that give her the chance to grow and create a new opinion on the important people in her life....
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