Looking for Alibrandi

Topics: Looking for Alibrandi, Melina Marchetta, Tomato sauce Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: June 12, 2011
The Australian film, Looking For Alibrandi was set in the 1990’s in Sydney NSW. The film was based on the novel written by Melina Marchetti. A 17 year old named Josie Alibrandi played by Pia Miranda, tells the story of her life through her point of view, being an Italian living in Australia.

There were several themes through the movie including romance, family and tradition. There were many techniques used to emphasise the themes including motifs, music and settings, which showed really well of what the character was thinking or feeling. I find that the most effective technique was music. Josie uses music to show that she doesn’t want to participate in her family’s traditional Tomato Sauce Day, she changes the music from old Italian music to modern rock n roll, also music shows when a person is sad or happy and if something good or bad has happened. The genre of the film is rite of passage and growing up.

The movie Looking For Alibrandi would be intended for young adults like Josie, the way the movie handles with situations such as the death of one of Josie’s closest friend and for the first time having a real boyfriend is dealt in a mature, sensible and careful way.

At the beginning of the film Josie is embarrassed about her culture and family traditions. On the ‘Tomato Sauce Day’ when the extended family comes, Josie was angry and after changing the music, she leaves with her non Italian friends to go to the beach. But by the end of the film Josie Accepts and realises the importance of her culture and traditions. Josie shows this by not being angry and embarrassed, she invites her boyfriend Jacob Coote and her two friends in to join on the ‘Tomato Sauce Day’.

The film is about Josie Alibrandi growing up into a young adult. She deals with events such as meeting her dad for the first time and building a bond with him, she deals with her Nona having spies on her, she finds herself having feelings for a boy named Jacob Coote while dealing with the...
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