Looking for Alibrandi

Topics: Family, Carly Simon Pages: 15 (5780 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Looking for alibrandi the flim questions answers.
Opening credits: burning heart motif, behind which, an aeroplane flies over blue skies.Tomato Day (beginning). The whole extended family help make pasta sauce. Josie is introduced an reveals that she hates it. She tries to change the music and leaves as soon as her friends arrive. The heads to Bondi beach with Anna and Sera. News of her and her friends sunbathing reaches home before she does. At night she is studying and voices over a sequence introducing her mother. She climbs into bed with her and learns Michael's back. Introduction of St. Martha's. Carly Bishop and lots of wealthy friends are introduced. Carly's racism is revealed early. Class: While trying to cheat on a test, Josie is caught out, but she tells Sister Louise she was looking at Carly's Skamp magazine, criticising it for being anti-Christian. Sister Louise calls her into her office and gives her a talking to about HSC, being Vice-Captain and her new job. St. Anthony's comes to visit in order to discuss the year's social calendar. John Barton is introduced. Josie fantasises about being his wife. On her way to Nonna's, Josie dawdles, but is tracked by the spy ring. At Nonna's she is hot and bothered and meets her father for the first time. She runs away and her mother guesses what's happened. Josie and Anna get a life to have a say day with Angelo. Jacob Coote speaks after Josie, and while she says she isn't she seems to be impressed by him. They talk afterwards, looking at Carly and John Barton having their photos taken. A celebration lunch. Spotting a quiet moment, Christina and Michael talk about Josie, but it quickly develops into an argument which Josie, then Nonna walk in on. Josie stays with Nonna. She tries to listen to her Walkman, but Nonna makes her get the photos. She talks about coming out on the boat. Rugby game: Josie sees John Barton and they talk. He is concerned that his father controls everything about his life. They decide they are both suffering under the weight of tradition. The dance: Josie prays John will ask her to dace, but Jacob does instead. They dance for seven and a half songs, then while angling for a lift with John, Jacob offers to drop her home. They ride on his motorbike, during which time, Josie goes from being petrified to enjoying it. They arrive at Josie's house, and after a couple of botched attempts, they decide to go out. Josie meets John at the University to go over their course for the following year. Josie and Jacob go on a date to the movies. It ends horribly after being unable to decide on a film to watch. Michael drives along while Josie is storming home after the date. She accuses him of trying to buy them off, takes her anger out on him and leaves him there. Josie 'swaps souls' with John Barton. She puts his in a box under the bed. While working at Oporto, Josie and Anna are visited by Jacob and Anton. Returning from a holiday break, Josie learns that John Barton is dead. The funeral: Robert is a pallbearer. At home, Josie remembers about John's soul, opens it and reads it. He talks about the pressure on him to be what he isn't. Josie tears up the piece of paper and sets him free. Josie sees Jacob on the bus. He gives her a hug. During confession, Josie breaks down. As she is leaving the chapel, Carly makes another racist comment. Josie breaks her nose with a history book. In Sister Louise's office, Ron Bishop wants Josie to pay for the damage. Swallowing her pride, Josie calls her father, who arrives and sorts the situation out. Christina goes on a date with Paul Presilio, much to the annoyance of her mother and daughter. Nonna goes through the photos again and talks about Marcus Sandford. While she's walking with Jacob, Michael stops Josie and offers her a job. They give Jacob a life home and have a coffee. Nonna sees them and takes Josie away. At her mother's work, Josie talks to her about the possibility of dating. They talk about when she and...
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