looking for alaska

Topics: Friendship, Like, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 7, 2013
Looking for Alaska, by John Green, is a story about friendship and love. As a new student at Culver Creek (a boarding school), Miles gets a chance to start over and actually get a chance to make friends. When Miles gets to his school for the first time he meets his roommate, Chip, and they become friends. A little after meeting Chip and Miles go to Chips friend Alaska’s room. Miles automatically started to fall for Alaska by her looks. Without even fully getting to know Miles, Alaska starts to gossip about her summer, including all of the personal details that you think she would only tell someone she is close with.

Alaska and her group of friends give each other nicknames, so she decided that she would give Miles a nickname. Trying to be ironic she gave him the nickname Pudge because he is a tall and skinny guy. Since Miles is an extremely intelligent guy, his core classes are all honors and he ended up having Alaska in one of his classes. Their teacher really put their brains to the test. Later on after school Alaska decides to show Pudge the place that they go to hide and smoke without getting in trouble. As they are talking they start talking about personal things and she asks him what labyrinth means. Since Pudge didn’t know, so he told her he would eventually figure it out.

As the book goes on they start getting extremely close and because best friends. The problem with them being such good friends is that Pudge really likes Alaska but she has a boyfriend. Since Alaska felt bad that chip and her both were in a relationship, she set him up with the new exchange students from Russia. Pudge ended up really liking her but never fully getting over Alaska.

Their little group liked to play pranks on the rich kid or as they call the “weekend warriors”, which they also play pranks back. The weekend warriors decided to flood Alaska’s room one night and damage almost all of her books, so their group decided to pull an even bigger prank on they and put blue...
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