Look Both Ways, Animations and Photomontages

Topics: Film, Cinematic techniques, Life Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: September 4, 2010
The animations and photomontages mean that we learn more about Nick and Meryl than other characters in the film’ Discuss

The hand painted animated sequences in Look Both Ways have their origin in this film. They use the same signature ‘painterly’ style. The animated s sequences are a way of giving Nick and Meryl a visible internal life, rather than relying on the actors performances. Its one that’s to each of them” to a painter and a photographer. This also proves that all the characters have internal lives. Despite the unique animations of Meryl and Nick’s photomontages, other film techniques employed such as the careful construction of en scene, flash backs, dialogue, camera positioning, music and repeated motifs allows viewers to learn about other characters as much as they learn about Nick and Meryl. Meryl’s animation enlarges a pervious painterly style of mind and as well as the disaster imaging neurotic character. Meryl has just lost her father so we can see she is focusing on death. Nicks animation is about the visuals memories you collect in your life. His having a sum up kind of weekend, which he will definitely remember when he looks back on his life. The setting in which each character is filmed in, is a crucial element in establishing individual characteristics and how much we get to learn about the characters.

The gracefully crafted animations expose the character of Meryl while the lyrical nature of her interior visions displays her artistic background. Her illustrations dig into the deep recesses of her consciousness, exposing her obsessive preoccupation with ‘death’ itself. She is fatalistic, imagining disaster at every turn. She dreads the thought of being alone. She is scared of pushing the boundaries, and leaving her circle of comfort. She conceals unnatural levels of paranoia which are represented in her internal animations. They represent a disabling inability to act, colonizing her psyche ultimately hindering her from living a normal...
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