Look Both Ways

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“It doesn’t matter how life ends it matters how it was” How is this quote relevant to the characters and why is it important?

Sarah Watts “Look Both Ways” is a compelling story of the tragic lives of several Adelaide adults. It doesn’t how life ends it matters how you lived it and what you accomplished in the time given to you. Look Both Ways shows viewers the struggle Nick journeys through as he is told he has cancer, to Phil realizing he has missed his family growing up, to Meryl seeing death and misfortune and in the end letting go.

In the film Look Both Ways, Watt shows one of the main characters Nick, is diagnosed with stage 5 prostate cancer which has spread to the lungs and possibly other organs. Nick tells his boss Phil “I have cancer” to which Phil replies “What skin cancer?” Watt uses this simple scene to show Phil’s lack of compassion and inconsiderate behavior towards Nick, as well as the typical Australian approach to emotional situations. Nick has a photomontage which shows us an insight of his life. It shows us his behaviors which could have contributed to his cancer, such as the time he went into a toxic yard to take photographs. Nick dreams of travelling the world to take pictures for his job as we discover when he confides in Meryl, but due to the cancer he is frightened ad now fears it is too late. This shows viewers that Nick has not lived to the fullest and is now regretting some of his decisions in life.

Once Phil learns of Nick’s misfortune, he takes a step back and looks at his life. As Nick leaves Phil’s office, Phil throws his packet of cigarettes in the rubbish bin. He sees himself neglecting his family, friends and anything or anyone remotely close to him, just so he can work. The next morning Phil goes home to learn it is his daughter Sophie’s birthday, but does not know how old she is. “I’m 10” Sophie replied to her father and looks back to her bowl of food coldly. Watt shows how Phil has missed...
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