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interoffice memorandum Principles of MArketing BUSI 265
Professor Fulbright
khambrea Johnkins
Marriott Case study
February 24, 2014

1. Look at the characteristics of survey research outlined in Exhibit 9.2, and analyze Marriott Mobiles’ mobile feedback system with respect to these characteristics.

Cost: Marriott Mobile surveys were a sufficient expense. Choosing to launch a mobile site, as opposed to a Smartphone app, was an important strategic decision in it- self. The software for the mobile site was already built and launched so those help drop a lot of expense in regards to the survey research. Time Span: The time span was very fast. When using the mobile survey, Marriott is able to get immediate feedback. The case study stated that Marriott designed the survey with speed in mind. They wanted a quick way to determine what their mobile customers are looking for. Use of interviewer probes: The uses of interviewer probes were minimum. The surveys for the Marriot are very short questions. The survey and the questions were kept short on purpose; so the customer that was on the go had still had time to respond. I think this was a great idea. Because personally I skip over long survey questions, or half read them before answering it. I think by keeping the survey short and straight to the to the point, this allow the customer to give better feedback. Ability to show concepts to respondent: The mobile survey has a feature that allows users to use the new city guide function that Marriott launched. Questions focused on site functionality, usage patterns, and feedback on a new city guide function. This allowed users to use the new functions and give positive feedback on them. Management control over interview: There is no management control over the mobile survey. This is a great idea because it does not influence the customer’s opinions.

General data quality: The data did extremely well. Survey feedback showed that...
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