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Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, John Proctor Pages: 5 (2047 words) Published: December 29, 2013
The Crucible - John Proctor, a man with pride
In the dramatic piece of literature, The Crucible, By Arthur Miller, John Proctor demonstrates pride because he wants to keep his reputation. John Proctor fought bravely for his wife’s freedom, his own freedom, as well as for the freedom of many others. In the end, however, Proctor let the want of what was left of his good name to be kept clean to be his downfall. Even in the face of death though, John Proctor showed courage and confessed to witchcraft, which was the right thing to do. When the play sets in to action, John has had a past affair with his servant Abigail Williams. His wife, Elizabeth Proctor is very forgiving of his sin, but John was determind that he will not confess to anyone else, in fear of ruining his good name, and reputation. The affair between John and Abigail caused the start of chaotic witchcraft and accusation. After the affair, Abigail started to become tremendously jealous of Elizabeth. Proctor realizes that by confessing his sin of adultery he can stop all the witchcraft madness. Although he knows he should, he continues to be determined not to confess. Also in the drama, Mary Warren places a needle in a poppet she gave to Elizabeth; John firmly demands that Mary Warren tell the courts that she really put the needle in the poppet that day. Furthermore, at the end of the play Proctor is persistent by saying that no matter what anyone says to convince him differently, he would rather die an honest man and save his name. John Proctor took pride in his thoughts, feelings, values, and his name. It took persistency to make his expectation clear to others. Several things portray that John Proctor is an honest man. Proctor is just afraid to tell you what is on his mind. In the beginning John truthfully tells Parris why he has not be at church recently and he realizes that he must confess his sin of adultery to the courts, which is the only to stop the frenzy in Salem. After he confesses, he encourages his wife to do the same along with him. He confesses his sin, only because he is looking out for the good of the community, and others around him. He hates that his name is tarnished, but feels that God will forgive him for it. Later, his honest shows again when he tells Abigail his true feelings by saying that he would cut off his arm before reaching for her again. Proctor accepted the truth for what it was, not because he had to, but because speaking words of truth are actions of an honest and prideful man. Proctor is given the chance to confess himself of witchery. The courts want him to sign a legal papers that prove his actions. The court feels that if the community sees that an honest man confessed, they will feel that it's all right to confess also. However John refuses to sign. He knows that a false admission would not only dishonor him, but also burden his soul. He is sincere, by refusing to give up his personal integrity, he feels he will be rewarded in heaven. John would rather die knowing that he did not give in, and that he stood up for what he knew to be true. John also refused to give the names of innocent community members. Proctor realizes that if he gives the names of innocent citizens they will be hanged. So instead he feels he has no choice, but to do the right thing, and die for the good cause. John is saving others lives, saving his name, keeping his pride, and his integrity. Throughout the whole play we learned that he was capable of doing anything he set his mind to, and putting others before himself. John Proctor was a man capable of doing many things, including his pride and arrogance which have gotten the better of him in the end. John Proctor died for his name, and many other reasons. He was a man of pride. He possessed the qualities of determination, honesty, and integrity. ______________________________________________________________________________ In The Crucible, there are many opposing points of view make the reader...
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