Long-Term Goals of an Individual

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To always have good time management in place
To always have time set aside for myself and my family
Not to procrastinate because if I do this will have a large impact in my life and schooling To always have my assignments in on time
To realize that I will make mistakes and that I have to learn from these mistakes To have a good attitude

How These Goals Will Work To My Advantage
I will have more time to spend on class assignments by following a set goal I will have more time for myself and my family when I follow all the requirements that I have in place for myself I will have to learn that I can and will make mistakes but I have to persevere and I have to continue on I have to be a self believer. Believe in myself because others could have a negative impact in my life and schooling

Fulfilling My Needs
Very easy to achieve just as long as I stay on the right path and motivated to achieve my success

Cost Analysis
Will be achieved with financial aid and student loans
To return aid that I will not use to the school as a payment toward what I already owe To pay off my loans in a timely manner

Strengths and Advantages
To summarize my strengths I am stating that I have a very good support system that includes my family and friends To summarize my advantages I am stating that I have the advantages of having a good support system with JIU. A staff that is willing to go the extra mile to help with all problems that may arise be it day or night

Next Steps Of Action
To always have a calender in place with all my details outlined for the week To always keep good time management in place
To always be open minded

My Conclusion
If I can stay focused and continue to have the motivation of my family,I will succeed at all that I want to accomplish in life if it is going to school are getting a better job. With family support,time management,and set goals I know that I am on the right path in my life. I must always remember that...

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Title:Effective Time Management
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