Long Term and Short Term Goal After Mba

Topics: Sustainability, Social responsibility, Venture capital Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: March 15, 2012
'Sustainable Social Enterprise' as catchy as it may sound; equally inspiring is the idea of owning such an enterprise. We hear everybody talking about sustainability these days. Sustainable business, sustainable energy, sustainable development, sustainable society and so is every possible thing. The growing interest and increased awareness in sustainability has led to immense developments and considerable improvements of our world today.

I developed the idea of sustainable enterprising while studying chemical engineering for under graduation. The internships I did at various manufacturing industries and the beauty of transforming a few chemicals into something different and so useful started attracting me. As a young engineer I hoped to start my own manufacturing industry one day. The growing concerns over climate change and environmental impacts of industries shifted my focus to environmental management studies. I wanted to be associated with a socially responsible industry and thus my quest towards a sustainable social enterprise began. To further my knowledge I studied Masters in Environmental Science from ABC University in London which provided a good foundation for the technical aspects of my goal.

My long term career goal is to set up an energy production plant in India generating energy from municipal waste. This would be a sustainable waste and energy management solution for the waste disposal and energy supply issues faced by most regions in India. This would be a socially responsible business as it would generate more employment for people and improve the living conditions. Energy from Waste Unit would not only reduce the waste disposed, it will also mitigate the energy demands of several rural regions in India where electricity is currently available for only few hours a day. This project would require a detailed understanding of businesses, investments, finance and management. My immediate aim is to gain knowledge by doing a MBA ideally from...
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