Long Sutton Studio Case Study
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b. Describe the form
The main structural framing is RCC columns & concrete beam with load bearing walls. The roof structure was formed by concrete flat plate connected with the RCC columns. For external beauty and simplicity of shape the formation was made. A large cantilever portion uses as terrace makes the external view very lucrative which is also light weight for construction.
Approximate mass calculation of the Fiore House structure are shown in below from the following plan:

c. Compare the approximate mass of your chosen structure and the mass of the “Long Sutton Studio”. State any assumptions you have made. Show your working.
Dead Load Calculation:
Concrete unit mass = Munit = 2400 kg/m³
Slab Thickness = 0.2 m
Column Size = 0.3m x 0.3m
Column height =
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However some data with a high degree of uncertainty, and with major influence on the results, was identified and then dealt with through calculating several possible scenarios. This was the case when deciding what parcs of the environmental impact during the building’s service life could be related to the functional unit, and whether the demolition waste was used as filling mass or landfilled.
Energy requirements for and emissions from transportation were calculated by consistent application of standardised energy use and emission factors. It was assumed in the calculations that all building materials become either filling mass or waste after demolition, The only exceptions were steel beams and columns that were assumed to he separated at the demolition site and recovered [1]. A user time of 50 years was assumed in the calculations. According to functional use of construction materials following tables are prepared for life cycle assessment.
Table 2: Timber frame and Reinforced Concrete Pad
Structural System

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