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Long Ridge Gliding Club is a non-profit organization based on the crest of the ridge, which is at 400 meters above sea. That is on the set on an old farm building With simple but comfortable facilities for each member and casual flyers. There are currently 150 members from novice to expert. The club also offers trial flights to the members of the public and then try to convince them to take up the membership, which is also on first-served basis. They usually come for come for one-off trial flights, holiday courses and corporate events. To get into airborne club members have to help each other. Club member sometimes to help casual flyers to get into airborne. The members would also help casual flyers attending. Throughout the whole year the essential task such as maintaining the gliders, getting them out of the hangars, towing them to launch points staffing the wings that are all on a voluntary basis by club members. Problem for the club is that a member are now asking to reduce the number of trial casual flyers can have in a day. Moreover, the club’s committee is under pressure from the members to end the casual flyers


Service evaluation

There are different services offered by the club to customer. Its mainly depend on their club member or a casual flyer. Club members can get many benefits on comparing to the casual flyers. Club members can get the benefits of bar catering service and accommodation while the casual flyers would be able to get the trial flight gift vouchers. It is the same with the product range club members get long term while the casual flyers get a short period. In a change of design and time it would also be in favour of club members during which casual flyers have to look for no of booking by the club member. Currently, there are 150 club members, and there were 700 casual fliers in the previous year out of which few have converted into club members .looking at the profit margin. Its high from member of the club that is and its comparing low from the casual flyers though have contributed 48% of the last year total sales revenue of the club (700*70)

Positive evaluation of the club
CLUB is located on an ideal place for gliding. It is simple but with a god comfort facilities. There is also bar and catering service and inexpensive bunkroom for the gliders who like to stay at night. Trial flight for public at very cheap price though it is a loss leads to generate club members

Negative evaluation of the club
Staffing is on of the main issue in the flying club Only six employees of the club perform most tаѕkѕ of the club. Kerp in mind that no club runѕ on it though its a nonprofit organisation. Unlike mаny lаrger orgаnizаtionѕ, This Club run on а comрlete volunteer bаѕiѕ Without the few dedicated individual offering their рerѕonаl time off the trаck аny organization like this, could not exiѕt. Often club oрerаtionѕ аre а behind the ѕceneѕ job аnd go unnoticed аnd un-thаnked by а mаjority of memberѕ. However, these рeoрle hаve ѕtruggled аnd molded their рerѕonаl liveѕ аround аttending club boаrd аnd аutocroѕѕ meetingѕ for no benefit but happy thаt club continue to exiѕt.Throughout the year, it is a club member who helps the casual flyers to fly around. They also sometimes end up missing flying themselves.Another problem would be with the casual Casual flyers coming with much expectation end up in waiting for hours in windy airfield to get a chance to fly. So most casual flyers will be getting an inadequate service though their getting a fly at cheap price.So most casual flyers end up being not becoming the member of the club.The last year ticket sale is a proof of that out of 700 tickets sold only handful has become the member of the club

Service delivered to expected service

The cost involved running an organisation is very important.The expenses running an organization is also imperative in any aspect to make...
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