Long Prison Sentences Reduce Crime

Topics: Crime, Prison, Henry Lee Lucas Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: October 2, 2014
Nowadays, the number of crime is increasing and posing a threat to life and property of innocent people, so that many people believe to place the prisoner in prison for longer periods is the best way. In our opinion, long prison sentences can help to reduce crime because it can make a deterrent for criminals, criminals can re-educated though some educated course in prison; and locked up the criminals can protect the safety of innocent people.

First of all, we think the purpose of long sentences is that it can make people be afraid of long time staying in prison. According to Theguardian, in 2012, long prison sentences proving the effect of long prison’s deterrent. At one point the researchers describes that prison was particularly effective in reducing property crime when targeted at serious and repeat offenders (“Crime,” 2012). It was show that a long sentence is effective in many crimes; and this way can deter the offenders and prevent crime. Besides, not many of people fear of death, but people afraid that they will lose their freedom. With reference to Listverse, it proving prisoners fear that staying in prison until die. So that the long prison sentences can make a deterrent for criminals.

Another reason why long prison sentences reduce crime is that convicts are rehabilitated in prison. Many prisoners have a positive attitude toward the social after being long period educated in prison. For example, With reference to the Freedom Magazine, many criminals feel remorse for what they have done and willing to become productive members of society after over long period educated in prison. One of the prisoner said “I can be something in life. Before I just wanted to be a gang member and lift meant gang-banging. Now I don’t even want to associate myself with it.” (“Freedom,” 1999). It means that long prison sentences have a positive influence on prisoners to change their attitude through some educated course in prison; and enable them to restore...

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