Long for a Winter Wonderland

Topics: Hot chocolate, Earth, Snow Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Descriptive Essay

Longing for a Winter Wonderland

The cold, freezing, frostbitten wind that nips at your nose and fingertips carrying little snowflakes, makes all your troubles go away. Fingers and toes are numb, but it’s a satisfying feeling. It’s one of the wonderful things about the winter season. Bundled up like a little kid in your cozy pajamas, getting ready for bed brings back delightful memories; memories of when your mother and father would tuck you in and say goodnight, before turning off the lights. All these memories are bittersweet though because it means you have to say goodbye to the warmth, but it also means the rich and creamy hot chocolate drink that makes your mouth water. Then the festive and colorful holidays come, bringing in a stampede of people rushing to get last minute shopping done. The winter season has many perks.

The snow is like a white ash that falls and covers the land and everything in its path. It’s like magic falling from the sky. And it creates the illusion of floating on a cold mist before dancing to the ground. The tiny star-shaped pieces of the clouds are mesmerizing. And not one of these small winter miracles is quite the same. I love to look out of the window at the white blanket that has been gently laid over the land. Everything disappears, hiding under piles and piles of white frozen water. While the sun sparkles, picking out glittery diamonds in its frosty surroundings. At times it seems the snow will never stop falling, and it will just swallow the earth in its cold embrace.

Winter is an amazing time of the year. There’s snow falling, children laughing, playing and making snow angels. Building a snowman while singing Christmas carols, it’s all really magical. It’s calm, relaxing, and happy. Spending it with my family makes everything that much better. Everyone is outside enjoying the weather or inside cuddled up in a warm blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, watching the snow as it falls like rain on a...
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