Long Ending to of Mice and Men

Topics: Profanity, Cowboy, Walking Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Of Mice and Men Alternative Ending.

As the smoke cleared from the barrel of the gun, George gazed at Lenny’s cold body and shed a single tear; the blood trickled into the stream and made it turn red. Hours passed as George lay next to Lenny’s body, telling him the story of the farm, no prompts or corrections from Lenny just a silent sleeping body. Morning came with haste- the rustling of the trees woke George; he rubbed his tears away and stood up. “George!” a man shouted “Is that you?” He looked towards the bushes; his eyes focused and saw it was Carlson. George proceeded to run to Carlson and said, ‘Lenny’s down there, I had do it; I had to.’ ‘I understand’ Carlson replied. They both ran to the posy and told them what happened. As George explained to the lynch mob, Curly leapt down from his high horse and gave George a slap “I wanted to kill that rat bastard; he killed my god damn wife” Curly said while tears filled his eyes.

The dust engulfed the riders as they rode hard and fast back to Tyler’s Ranch, Candy sat in his old rocking chair, scratching his stump and tossing out chicken feed. The men stepped off their horses and walked in the bunk house; everyone except George. He just walked with his head down- gun in hand and talked to Candy. “It’s done Candy he… gone ‘so to speak’ I guess it’s just us on that farm now Candy.” Candy took off his hat and held it to his chest “I would have done the same thing George.” George and Candy knew what to do now they gave each other a nod and proceeded to walk into the boss’ house and quit their jobs for the sake of a memory and for the farm. (George and Candy buy tickets for a train)

They both stepped onto the platform and heard the shriek of a train whistle and the call of ‘All aboard’. They made haste to get on the train and ride into the sunset but this happiness was to be shortly lived as the image of Lenny laughing and working filled George’s mind. The train grinded to a halt, George sharply woke with...
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