Lonely Man

Topics: Family, New York City, Future Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 15, 2012
One day in New York City, there lived a man whose name was Albert. He was an egotistical man, who hated children very much and never shared anything. He would usually stay inside, where he thought he would be safe, from all of the chaos and confusion, going on outside. All of these things happened because his wife left him and he is all alone. The reason why he hates children is, because they run across his yard and ruin his grass each day. No matter what they do, he will never forgive them. Some say he should just move on with his life, but others say he should stay there, because he will have memories of his childhood and of this house and family. Sometimes Albert walks around to find garbage and collects trash each day, or sometimes goes in his backyard where he lies on the grass and thinks about how lonely his life is; how he hated his wife, his foreign children, and the rest of his family. That explosion took his whole family away from him. He is the only one left in his family. He has no one to talk to, so he usually argues with himself to see who will win the argument, just so he can be satisfied with the decision he makes. Some people say that he needs to see a doctor, because he might be hallucinating with, figments of his memories from the past. When he walks, he will trip himself. When runs, he will fall to the ground. When he swims, he will drown. When he jumps, he will plant his face on the cement and he will need help, by construction workers. In the future, when he is old Albert will probably die, because of all of these hilarious and devastating accidents that have happened to him. He did not listen to his grandma, who told him specifically, not to do that. Of course he would have to do it and it would cost his family their lives!
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