Loneliness: Debut Albums and Tim

Topics: Debut albums, Friendship, Want Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: February 24, 2014


A lonely breeze blew across the school compound, dispelling the scorching afternoon heat that filled the air. For a moment, dead leaves, dust and a plastic bag all rose together in a aerial waltz- the collapsed to the ground unceremoniously. Then, it was still and everything seemed lifeless. I still waited, my eyes fixed on a secluded spot just outside the school building. It was sheltered by a wall and shielded on three sides by walls, the surrounding of it was laid with gravel so it was impossible to sneak up on. Nothing stirred in the stillness of the afternoon. Until now...... Crunch. I could hear the sound of the twig breaking and the sound of people stepping on the gravel. Peering out, I could see a group of 4 students sauntering briskly towards the spot. One of them, looked around to check if anyone has noticed them, seemed familiar to me. They turned into a corner and we're hidden from view to all except me. Then, there was a flash of flint, it came again. Several thin grey wisps floated from where they stood- my suspicions were confirmed. They were smoking. The class was having their lunch when I have found them. Placing a hand on Tom's shoulder, I whispered," I need to tell u something". Without questioning, he got up and followed me out of the canteen. Tom was my best friend and a trustworthy person. I told him about what I had seen during recess, about the boys smoking and the most critical part was that Tim was with them. Tom was stunned, wide eyed. I probably knew how he was feeling. Tim was just an normal average quiet guy in class. He was likable, but did not have many friends. However, a change has seemed to have come over him over the past month. He became more outspoken and rude. People started shunning him but that only caused him to be more unbearable. He started disrespecting teachers and cutting class. We all suspected that he joined a gang, but no one had any true evidence- till now. Tom broke the silence. "We have...
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