Loneliness and Friendship in of Mice and Men

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This easy will show how loneliness creates friendships. Each paragraph will show how the friendships can come alive. One paragraph is how Lennie and Crooks' friendship developed. The second is Curley's wife trying to find a friendship with the wrong person. The third will show that anyone will talk if someone will listen.

Lennie and Crooks' friendship. Lennie is lonely because he doesn't want to upset anyone and wants to leave if does so. "Cause I can jus' as well go away an' live in a cave." (pg. 12) I don't think Lennie wouldn't survive in a cave. Crooks is lonely because he is colored and treated differently. “Guy’s don’t come into a colored mans’ room very much.” (pg.71) He is showing that he hates when people come near him. This brings them together because Crooks wants someone to talk to. “Come in and sit awhile.” (pg.69) I think that Crooks liked to have someone in his room. This shows that Crooks does have someone to talk to.

Curley’s wife and Lennie. Curley’s wife is lonely because she is the only woman and gets treated differently. “I get lonely, you can talk to people but I can only talk to Curley.” (pg.87) I think she wants to be the center of attention. Lennie is lonely because he kills some things that he loves. “Why did you have to get killed?” (pg. 85) Lennie doesn’t want to lose anything in his life. Curley’s wife has soft hair and interacts with Lennie. “Some people got curse hair. Take Curley, his hair is just like wire. But mine is soft and fine. Here- feel right here.”(pg. 90) She loves having attention no matter who from. This shows that you can friends with anyone.

George and Slims’ friendship. George is lonely in a way because he has to look after someone that isn’t all there. “If I was alone, I could live so easy.” (pg.9) George would be lonely without Lennie. Slim is lonely because he has lived on the ranch so long and people don’t stay so it’s hard to make friends. “Oh, I don’t. Hardly any of the guys ever travel together. I...
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