London Jets

Topics: The Work, Pivot table, RFM Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: March 12, 2010
Questions for the London Jets Case

Download the file LondonJets.xls, available on the course website.

I. Perform RFM Analysis: (recency, frequency, monetary (total sales) analysis) as indicated on page 3 of the case; steps for RFM are given on page 8 of the case (I have provided one approach on page 3 of this document). Use pivot table with Frequency and Monetary value for rows and Recency for column. Data field should be Count of CustID. Important Note -- The format for this table is shown on the next page; use this format for your RFM table. Please provide a brief interpretation for the RFM analysis – assume you are the consultant to London Jets; how would you explain what the numbers in the pivot table mean (keep the discussion brief; each and every entry need not be explained).

II. Additional Analysis: Do two additional sets of analysis beyond RFM. As an example, you may want to analyze attendance patterns for Fan Club Members versus non-members to see if there is any merit in increasing the size of this club (this would count as one analysis). There are several different variables in the database, and as such there are lots of ways in which the data can be analyzed. Think about the issue London Jets is facing – how to increase attendance – and let this objective drive your analysis. For each additional analysis undertaken by your team, provide a rationale as to why should London Jets consider the customer segment you are analyzing. Please also be sure to briefly explain the outcome of your analysis (what did you learn for your analysis, and how London Jets can benefit from this analysis).

What to submit?

Please submit one hard copy of the report per team. List the last names of team members on the cover page in alphabetical order. Prepare your report in power point such that it could be presented to London Jets’ management (although your team will not be asked to present the report). Your report should end with a Conclusions page...
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