London Calling

Topics: Rhetoric, London, Rhetorical device Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 8, 2010
London Calling
The article from the “Newsweek” magazine is written by William Underhill who was in London with Marie Valla. The article is informative, describing London’s best attributes and development on financial, cultural and intellectual areas. The growing prosperity and popularity is presented as a result of one thing in particular: immigration. This means the main focus in the article is how immigration has contributed to London’s culture in many ways – in fact, immigration is defined as “(…) the secret to London’s success,” which is clearly a flattering statement. Throughout the text, a lot of rhetorical devices are used in the article on order to promote immigration. The “Newsweek” magazine itself is a business magazine, directed to people interested in modern business and future development, such as company directors and professional investors. The article is a special city report on London. It is pretty obvious that it is business-related since the description of London focus mainly on commerce, work and culture, and barely on art and entertainment. The article does have a political background to some degree, since it takes a stand in favor of immigration and reasons against anti-immigration campaigns that are presented by the Conservative Party in the text – “As Livingstone sees it, the Tories’ extremist right-wing politics threaten to undermine the very essence of modern London - the engine that powers not only Britain’s prosperity, but much of Europe’s.” – the essence of London being the result of immigration. The text relies almost too much on the pathos-appeal to be truly convincing though, making unsubstantiated claims such as “Some cities capture an era (…) Now it’s London’s moment – not some cool Britannia fad, fed by a few hot bands or hip designers, but a wholesale reinvention,” and “(…) London standing as Europe’s only world city,” and “Indeed, this is the only major European capital...
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