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Introduction to the Oracle Server Technologies

1.01 1.02 1.03 Position the Oracle Product Family Explain Relational Structures Understand the SQL Language 1.04 Appreciate the DBA’s Role Two-Minute Drill Self Test



Chapter 1:

Introduction to the Oracle Server Technologies


his chapter describes the entire Oracle product family, the concepts behind relational databases, the SQL language, and the role of the database administrator (DBA) in the IT environment. The content is not directly tested in the OCP examination, but it is assumed knowledge that provides an essential background to the study of Oracle database administration. It also gives an idea of the scope of a DBA’s work. The DBA is often expected to know everything about everything. Well, that isn’t possible—but at least he/she should be aware of the whole environment and how the parts link together. The Oracle server technologies product set is more than a database. There are also the Oracle Application Server and the Oracle Enterprise Manager. Taken together, these are the server technologies that make up the Oracle Grid offering. Grid computing is an emerging environment for managing the complete IT environment and for providing resources to users on demand. Supplied with the server technologies are the development tools: third-generation languages (3GLs) and rapid application development tools. It is also possible to write software in a wide range of third-party application development environments. Oracle Corporation has a total commitment to supporting international standards for data processing, which means that it is perfectly possible to run third-party products on the Oracle technology stack. The final part of the Oracle product set is the applications, primarily the Oracle E-Business Suite and the Oracle Collaboration Suite. These are applications written with the Oracle development tools and running on the Oracle servers that can fulfill the needs of virtually any organization for business data processing. The Oracle database is a relational database management system (RDBMS) with object extensions. Data to be managed by an RDBMS should be normalized— converted into two-dimensional tables. Structured query language (SQL, pronounced “sequel”) is an international standard for managing data stored in relational databases. Oracle Database 11g offers an implementation of SQL that is generally compliant with the current standard, which is SQL-2003. Full details of the compliance can be found in Appendix B of the “SQL Reference,” which is part of the Oracle database documentation set. The DBA’s job is to administer the database. But this tautological definition misses a huge amount. The DBA has a pivotal role in an organization’s management and knowledge structure; he/she will usually be expected to be competent in all the topics dealt with here. This chapter consists of summarized descriptions of the Oracle product family, the concepts behind the relational paradigm and the normalization of data into relational structures, the SQL language, and the role of the DBA.

Position the Oracle Product Family



Position the Oracle Product Family
There are many products developed and marketed by Oracle Corporation. Acquisitions made in recent years have expanded the list substantially. The core products can be grouped as follows: The server technologies ■ The Oracle database ■ The Oracle Application Server ■ The Oracle Enterprise Manager

The development tools
■ The languages ■ The Oracle Developer Suite

The applications
■ Oracle E-Business Suite ■ Oracle Collaboration Suite

The Server Technologies
There is a family of products that make up the Oracle server technology stack. Taken together, they aim to deliver the components of Oracle’s Grid computing architecture. Oracle Corporation’s Grid offering is not always the same as the Grid defined by others. Oracle...
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