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Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 5 (930 words) Published: October 28, 2014
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Well i'm Pro illegal immigration but i need a good reasons for school so help!! plz thnxs? so yea =D please help so much anti or pro let me…show more 12 Answers • Immigration

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Immigration (legal & illegal) is good.

1. Illegal immigrants pump BILLIONS into our economy as consumers every year. Hispanic illegals are part of the Hispanic Purchasing Power that's expected to reach $1TRILLION by 2011.

Hispanic purchasing power is expected to reach more than $1 trillion by 2011

2. Illlegal pay BILLIONS in taxes every year. They don't collect those taxes, and all that helps Social Security and Medicare stay afloat. Those taxes even help our road maintenance and taxes they pay in rent helps local schools.

Illegals pay BILLIONS in taxes

3. Native workers and their wages benefit from immigrant workers in many many ways.

Dollars and sense: Economy, native workers benefit from immigrant work

4. Immigrant workers fill in the gaps in our labor work force. Even if every Texan was employed, we still wouldn't have enough people to fill in those gaps, and that's where the immigrants come in.

They may be illegal but we still need them

5. Illegal immigrants are just a huge value to our economy.

Illegal immigrants' value to economy? $1.8 trillion
GreasyTony • 5 years
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Do not say that. The KKK, skin heads, etc, etc, will hang you in your yard. You will need a bunch of body guards

Illegal immigration has certain inconveniences. Does not follow procedure, you know ( not a big deal, of course ). Entering illegally is by no means, the same as murdering somebody, stealing, kidnapping, etc

And, according to that, everybody in the USA has done something illegal, like jaywalking, cross lanes without signaling, having dirty tires, parking west instead of east, catching whales in Utah ( no seashores ) , falling asleep in a cheese factory, in Florida a widow jumping in parachute on Sundays Victor • 5 years

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They do the work that some Americans can't or won't do. In America, the number on thing that people, or rather business of any…show more Source(s):
The growing pace of technology, human geography and world history as well as common sense. Nestor a.k.a. Grim Reaper • 5 years
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How can you be "pro" something that you describe yourself as "illegal"?

It's like saying, "I'm pro illegal-murder, help give me good reasons."

We have immigration laws for a reason. The illegal immigrants are doing a great disservice to all the people who try to immigrate legally and follow the rules. The illegal immigrants are showing a tremendous amount of disrespect for this country; the first thing they do when they come here is break the law!

Boot to the head!
Jim S • 5 years
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