Lokota Oglala Midterm by Ana Avi**

Topics: Gender role, Woman, Female Pages: 4 (1281 words) Published: November 7, 2012
The online readings diverge from Powers' book in the way they describe women's lives. Pick one online reading and describe how and why it diverges from Powers' book on a major issue of gender relations.

There are many different views and stories about how the Lakota people are and their views on women and gender relations. In the book Oglala women by Marla Powers has a strong point of view; and so does and article titled The soul of the indian by charles a. eastman. By comparing the two we can see the different perspectives on women and gender relations in the oglala tribe.

Powers believes that a better understanding of the lakota conception of the spiritual condition of women will help others understand the way the lakotas see themselves in terms of female/ male relationships (pg 35). In the oglala cosmology it is woman whose social transgression leads to the creating of humans from the subterranean world to the earth. Mahpiyato creates humans and she called those people the Buffalo Nation. the actual emergence myth begins with Anukite (Bouble Face) who tired of playing with animals asks the pransker god Inktomi to help her conspire to induce humans to surface. Tokahe was the first to follow, but after being hoaxed they came across Wazi and wakanka who taught them how to provide for themselves. Soon the people became acustomed to their new world.

In her book Powers says that the expactant mothers were cautioned agains going to far, for if she was frightened it could mark the unborn child. A woman would deliver inside of a tipi with the help of a matron/midwife. most of the time it would be a grandmother or aunt of the expectant mother who would deliver the child, but the requirement was experience. This idiology differs from what is explained in the soul of the indian . In that passage Eastman says that women are not allowed to have help. He states that all women have been prepared in both body and mind to deliver for childbirth. He further declares...
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