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Putting Logistics to Work for You

Executive Summary
UPS is one of the best known and most successful logistics companies in the United States and worldwide. This paper will discuss the numerous modes of transportation they offer to companies. Along with the modes of transportation it will go into detail about special transportation offerings they have to serve a very large scale of needs. A discussion on exactly how the logistics used by UPS help to create more efficient and time-sensitive delivery of products. This will lead into analysis on how these logistics affect cost both to companies and their consumers. Go into detail on the many solutions other than transportation UPS offers. Many people may not realize but UPS offers solutions including shipping, tracking, billing, international trade, and financial services to name a few. Finally, the paper will discuss what measure UPS is taking to keep improving their offerings and what the future of logistics looks like and how it will ultimately affect companies and consumers alike.

Putting Logistics to Work for Companies
The United Parcel Service, better known as UPS is one of the largest package transportation companies in the world. They are thought of mostly as a company that transports packages or mail items through the various modes of transportation that they offer. But in recent years UPS has become so much more than what the average citizen perceives them as. They have added more solutions to help businesses both small and large to help them with cutting costs in many facets. While they still mainly help out by creating supply chain solutions for companies they have some very unique offerings that make them a very attractive company to look into for shipping needs. Available Modes of Transportation

One area UPS really shines is in its offerings for transportation. They have ways to ship anything imaginable and get it to the desired destination as quickly and safely as possible. UPS offers air, sea, several forms of land, and even pipeline transportation systems to help with any possible shipping needs. They offer time sensitive and temperature specific trucking for materials such as medicines that need to be kept at certain safe zone temperatures even during long transports. They operate both domestically and internationally, so you can ship anywhere in the world without any problems since they do it on a daily basis. They also offer cheaper alternative like rail transport that can get less time sensitive materials to your desired destination at a much more affordable price for your company.

In order to maintain their standing at the top of the shipping industry UPS also makes sure to use groundbreaking technologies to make their runs even more efficient. For example, starting in 2010, UPS starting using a technology called telematics in their delivery trucks after having seen success for almost 20 years in their tractor-trailer fleets. Telematics includes a Global Positioning System tracker on the truck as well as sensors placed on various points on the trucks including the brakes and engine blocks. This helps give the company feedback not only on routes the trucks could take to be more efficient but also how the trucks are holding up and performing. The chart below illustrates some of the data that telematics delivers to UPS that they can use to increase efficiency during delivery runs.

UPS is also phasing in a new cloud platform technology, called Order Watch, to allow customers to be able to track their orders more effectively. The technology is slowly being made available to current customers and is expected to be made available to new customers starting in early 2013. The platform is focused mainly on overseas deliveries and is meant to allow for more timeliness and more up to the minute tracking of packages. The service has been around for a while as far as being able to track packages and where...

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