Logistics and Customer Service

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一、True/False Questions
1、Logistics clearly contributes to time and form utility.
2、The purpose of logistics is to maximize customer service. 3、Two of the five primary activities in the value chain are inbound logistics and outbound logistics. 4、The Internet has done little to improve logistical effectiveness and efficiency. 5、Logistics offers many companies an important route for creating marketing superiority. 6、It is better for a logistics manager to be a generalist rather than a specialist. 7、The logistics channel is the most important of the marketing channels. 8、Stockouts refer to a situation where a company is out of an item at the same time that there is demand for that item. 9、The supply-chain concept originated in the logistics literature. 10、JIT II is a supplier integration program that allows different suppliers to interact with each other on a regular basis. 11、Because customer needs and wants change relatively quickly, supply chains should be fast and lean. 12、Formal partnerships are more likely than informal ones to result in improved long-term supply-chain performance. 13、The Internet has been referred to as the greatest force of commodization known to man, for both goods and services. 14、Co-opetition is a concept that suggests that companies can be competitors in some situations while working together in other situations. 15、Most ERP systems tend to be relatively weak when it comes to logistics and supply chain requirements. 16、Contemporary third-party logistics has existed since about 1975. 17、In general terms, order management refers to how a firm handles incoming orders. 18、The shorter and more consistent the order cycle, the less inventory that is needed by one’s customers. 19、The order cycle refers to the series of events that occur between the time a customer places or sends an order and the time the seller receives the order. 20、An order is entered into the system so that it may be filled in the order transmittal component of the order cycle. 21、The advance shipping notice is required by law.

22、Order picking and assembly follows the order-processing component of the order cycle. 23、Order retrieval is the final phase of the order cycle.
24、An efficient order cycle can be both a valuable external, and internal, tool. 25、Efficient Consumer Response and Quick Response represent a change in wholesaling and promotion channel behavior. 26、Customer service is a competitive tool and it is important to know what one’s competitors are doing in terms of customer service. 27、Use of the Internet for customer service applications is growing rapidly. 28、One reason that customers are demanding higher levels of customer service is that reliable service allows a firm to maintain a lower level of inventory. 29、The physical characteristics of some goods change while they are moving in the logistics channel. 30、Procurement can be thought of in terms of the building-blocks concept. 31、Protective packages should be able to perform multiple functions. 32、The packaging terminology “KD” refers to “known destination.” 33、Most package labeling takes place at the end of the assembly line. 34、The major factors influencing locational decisions are markets and resource availability. 35、A pure material is one that is totally water soluble.

36、Population can be viewed as both a market for goods and a potential source of labor. 37、Turnover rates for expatriate workers currently range between 20% and 40%. 38、The inventory tax is based on the average amount of inventory during a six-month period. 39、The development and implementation of multicountry trade agreements has had profound impacts on trade patterns. 40、Free trade zones must be adjacent to a port or airport.

二、Multiple Choice Questions
1、Logistics as a percentage of U.S. Gross Domestic Product is approximately (within 2%): a. 5% b. 10% c. 15% d. 20%

2、___________ utility refers to the value or usefulness that comes from a customer...
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