Topics: Containerization, COSCO, Cargo Pages: 3 (1537 words) Published: November 6, 2014
SWOT analysis for COSCO SWOT analysis in detail Strengths Brand effect and brand benefit China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) is Chinas largest leading group in global shipping, ranking the 327th in Fortune Global 500. Also, COSCO is one of the top 5 container liner in the world. Therefore, there are lots of global investors and vendors choose COSCO. Wide range of business COSCO provided wide range of service. For shipping, it provided container shipping, bulk shipping, tanker shipping and passenger shipping. COSCO also takes a role in terminal business and has the largest ship-repairing enterprise and most-advanced ship-building enterprise in China. These variety services can stratify different type of customer. Advanced information technology COSCO noticed the importance of information technology among global shipping and modern logistics, so it used lots of time and money in research and development of IT. COSCO Network Ltd. of COSCO Group provided software development, e-commerce services, data center management, etc. hence to become an international first class high tech enterprise in Chinas shipping and logistics industries. Company size COSCO owns and controls over 800 modern merchant vessels with a total tonnage of 56 million DWTs and an annual carrying capacity of 400 million tons. Its shipping lines cover over 1,600 ports in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, and its fleet size ranks the first in China and the second in the world. COSCO owns and operates 32 terminals worldwide, with 157 berths offered. Weaknesses High transportation cost COSCOs shipping liners cover over 160 countries and worldwide regions. The cost of transportation is huge. While COSCO have been pressing for larger ships, and inland distribution systems to cope with increased quantities of containers. Thus, although there is a significant reduction in maritime transport costs, land transport costs remain significant. Dry bulk shipping COSCO Holdings of COSCO Group is...
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