Login system chaper 1

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Planning Phase

1. 1 The Problem and its Background

Have you ever experienced renting a computer in an internet café and something came up and you couldn’t leave your seat because you don’t want your remaining time to go to waste and the money you spent on it?If yes, I too experienced the same thing and want other internet café’s to have a membership system of their own so that customers like us would be satisfied with their service.

Most internet café’s have their membership system of their own but not all of them. Some internet café’s only relies on manual time checking and manual time adding so the two of us came up of an idea to make a logger system so that internet cafe's who has yet to have a membership system of their own can use our system to compete with other internet café’s.This user friendly system can be used to register a membership account for loyal customers that can be used to add , pause or stop their time credited. It can also manage the computers being used at the internet café and can manage the time remaining or the time consumed of the guests individually. Because recording the sales manually is a burden for the administrator we also included it in our system so the administrator can monitor his/her sales with just a few clicks and additionally we added a report tab for generating reports for future purposes.

1.2 Scope and Limitation

The proponents will make a logger system forPCReady. The system will start with a log-in window where the administrator will log-in to the system and will use it.if it’s the first time being used the system will pop up a registration window where the admin will register as the owner of the system. This system has 5 purposes :monitoring the computers that are being used , manipulating time , membership registration , sales recording , and report making.

The system will...
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