Logical Positivism: Schlick Versus Neurath

Topics: Scientific method, Philosophy of science, Science Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: October 20, 2012
Logical Positivism: Schlick versus Neurath

Question 1 First of all, Schlick and Neurath led two different wings in Vienna circle. Schlick and Waismann belong to the right wing which has the faith to Mach/Wittgenstein’s view: knowledge rests on basic statement describing experience. However, the left wing led by Neurath rejected that view. Second, Schlick was convinced of the correspondence between propositions and states. While Neurath opposed Schlick’s view, but he stated the existence of an agreement of statements with other statements (coherence). Next, Schlick sought physical objects cannot be said to exist in themselves, but only as perceptual phenomena or sensory stimuli. He concluded this theory as phenonalism. Protocol statements are immediately verified and referred to describe the sense data. According to Neurath’s theory about physicalism, one obtains the science by physical objects rather than mental objects, which guarantees the intersubjectivity. Intersubjectivity means two observers are able to discuss the objects which they can obviously see. Finally, subjective form is used as the Schlick’s phenomenal language, it mainly use ‘I’, ‘now’, ‘here’ as central terms. Inversely, the objective form is used for Neurath’s physicalism. The observers’ names, reference to time and place are included in the objective form. Question 2 Business administration should not be considered as a science on the criterion to demarcate science from non-science in some cases because there are some theories that are pretty unverifiable. The Unverifiable and Unhelpful Theory of Psychological Egoism Psychological egoism holds that an individual's sense of self and self-preservation is the motivating moral force behind all human moral actions. It asserts that people always act in their own interests, even though they may disguise their motivation with references to helping others or to doing their duty. Psychological egoism does not deny that human beings may...
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