Logic of Internationalism

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The Logic of Internationalism: Coercion and Accommodation by Kjell Goldmann approaches international relations from a completely different perspective. Goldman argues throughout the book that the key to the success of mankind can rely solely on the idea of internationalism. Internationalism is the increase in cooperation between nations in many aspects of a relationship. These may include economics, institution building and any further cooperation leading towards peace between the two nations. He believes that interaction and institutions are related to peace and security and therefore should be examined. Many believe that internationalism cannot be achieved and is unrealistic due to the fact that international relations are naturally characterized by conflict, tension, and war. However, Goldmann believes that through the right processes and correct approaches internationalism is plausible and would be highly beneficial to those countries working for it. Rather than completely preventing war and conflict, internationalists believe that through organization, law, exchange, and communication there is a tendency to inhibit both. Goldmann’s theory of internationalism is shown and described through two parts: coercion and accommodation. Coercion

The coercion aspect of the internationalist theory is made up of four parts: law, organization, communication, and exchange. Although all four parts play a role in coercion theory, law and organization are the primary methods while communication and exchange support the two. The overall goal of coercion theory is to make governments stray away from the development of war regardless of how much the self-interest between each nation clashes. The first and main method is through international law and “law-like” rules that contribute to the creation of rules limiting lawful action during conflict, classify norms between nations, and to increase the tendency for countries to follow the rules set up even if they conflict with their own self-interest and objectives. World opinion plays a major role in the compliance area of law because it can act as a pressure group and sanctioner, whereas communication internationally helps provide this role of world opinion. International organizations also play an important role in the conservation of peace in an internationalist world. Through these organizations, there is hope to provide four services. They are wished to contribute to agenda setting, norm-setting, dispute settlement, and lastly by substituting nations as members of an allegiance. Although the latter two are described with coercive internationalism, Goldmann associates them more towards accommodative theory. The third basis of coercion theory is exchange. This can easily be described as the exchange of goods and services between two nations. Exchange brings about relationships that neither country would like to sacrifice during conflict and war. It is meant to reduce the chance of war between nations by making them dependent on one another for resources, goods, and services, and by increasing the complexity of international relations. As a general idea, exchange states that more international exchange means less chances of conflict. Dependence on trade and exchange increases the vulnerability of a country towards economic sanctions. Thus, resulting in the increased likelihood of compliance with laws and regulations set forth by international organizations. Lastly, communication backs the coercive theory. “The mere coming together of statesmen and students, businessmen and scholars from different countries, and the mere sharing of ideas across borders are widely seen as contributions to peace and security” (pg. 43). Similar to law, international opinion can be influenced by communication. Communication increases the openness of societies to exchange information and boosts the chances of internationalism. Accommodation

Accommodation internationalist...
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