Logan Airport Case

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Problem #3
In the case, we learned that adverse weather conditions are primary cause of delays at Logan Airport. When weather conditions deteriorate, or when winds from the northwest become moderately strong, Logan's capacity drops from three runways (where one runway handles both arrivals and departures, one runway only departures, and one runway only arrivals) to two (where two runways handle both arrivals and departures.) Arrival capacity in the former case averages around 60 planes an hour, and in the latter case (a situation that occurs on average 30 days a year), 45 planes an hour. When weather conditions are particularly severe (a situation that occurs on average 10 days a year), only one runway for both arrivals and departures is in operation at Logan, and total arrival capacity drops to 30 operations an hour. a. What would you expect to happen if arrival rates exceeded service rates during any one period at Logan? b. Assume Logan's weekday peaking pattern resembles the 2000 case shown in Exhibit 8 of the Delays at Logan Airport case, with arrival rates composing half of the operations per hour shown. For normal, good weather capacity--i.e., capacity of 60 arrivals per hour-- what are the estimated delay times and delay costs for a plane landing at hour 17? What if Logan drops to two total runways in operations (each with an aveage capacity of 22.5 arrivals per hour each? What is ony one runway (with an average qerg qwer f qwef wef wef WEF WEF ASDF AE F
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