Locus of Control and Conformity

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Analysis of the Locus of Control of ABSS students towards Flooding Using the Theories of Conformity and Obedience

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PSYCH 130: Social Psychology

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Joseph Nikolai Chioco

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May Angelica Saludez

September 2012
Conformity, as defined by David Myers, is the change in our behavior or belief as a result of others’ influences. It may come in three forms; compliance, obedience, and acceptance. Compliance is the insincere conformity as a response to an implied or explicit request of others while Obedience is the insincere conformity as a response to a command. Meanwhile, Acceptance is the sincere, inward conformity which people genuinely believe in groups’ norms. Kelman (1958) had also cited three types of conformity. First is compliance: when you go along with the crowd and publicly agree with them.  However, internally you maintain your original views.  Second is internalization: when people take on the views of others both publicly and privately.  Third is Identification: when a person conforms to the role that society expects them to play.  As with compliance there does not have to be change in private opinion.   It is proven that conformity varies based on personality, intelligence and gender. Students are found to be less conformist.  This could be due to higher intelligence or to education that teaches independent thought and inquiry. People who are measured high in ‘desire for personal control’ are less conformist than those measured lower (Moscovici et al, 1969). Eagly and Carli (1981) found that women tend to be more conformist than men. Social Conformity is the desire to act, talk, and dress and even think like everyone else and it is considered as the human tendency that has helped glue societies for ages, while perennially irritating some of the greatest thinkers, scientist and artist (Nature and world science, 2005) Social institutions are instrumental in the formation of group norms to which people comply with. The suggestibility of the institutions itself have a major effect on the beliefs and ideologies of the people. For example in western countries, most people enjoy or practice an individualistic way of life because of their government policies, which are made by a social institution: the government. The AB Social Science students of Central Luzon State University are people who conform to group norms of the different institutions which require compliance from them. Examples of these institutions are the University administration office, the University Supreme Student Council and different Student councils, the University Security Force, the teachers, the student organizations, and their co-students as well. Institutions outside the university which the students comply with are the church they belong and the Mass media. Central Luzon State University’s mission includes developing quality human resources and technology for sustainable development. As sustainable development was mentioned, it means that the University had a dedicated mission of protecting the environment through the development of its students. Therefore, CLSU students should be environmentally aware and conscious as their university’s ultimate mission is to save Mother Earth. In a study conducted by group of fourth year ABSS students in August 2012, it is found out that ABSS students have taken pride in protecting the environment individually. What were the reasons why ABSS students have a culture of individualism in dealing with environmental issues? Do they comply into some rules or group norms dictated by each institutions mentioned above? As a follow-up study, the same group of dedicated ABSS students will try to find out about the conformity of ABSS students in developing the individualistic Locus of Control. In the same study, the...

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