Locus of Control

Topics: Social psychology, Motivation, Locus of control Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: October 20, 2014
Locus of Control
Logical inquiry
“Those who have an internal locus of control believe in their own ability to control themselves and the world around them.” (Locus of control, 2002-2013) A person with an external locus of control believes that they have no control over what happens to them or the world around them (Locus of Control, 1996-2014) After taking the assessment I determined that my locus of control is internal. I take responsibility for my life both good and bad. Problem solving

There are good and bad aspects of both internal and external locus of control. This can be a very empowering feeling or it can be a depressing thing. Internal locus control is good because it allows individuals to have their own sense of self. For example, if I study hard and follow directions in my Social Psychology class I will get a good grade. However, the pitfall of an internal locus of control is that people have to accept responsibility for their failures as well as rewards for their successes. This can mean a great deal of pressure on a person. For example, If I fail my Social Psychology class it is because I did not put forth the necessary effort. External locus of control also has advantages and disadvantages. Those with external locus of control are in essence followers not leaders. The good thing about this view is that they can share the burden of responsibility with outside forces, thus softening the landing when they fail. This means less depression and anxiety. For example, I may have failed this class but it was not all my fault. Many of the other students failed as well, the class was just too difficult. On the other hand, people with an external locus of control feel weak and they are always a victim. For example, I never would have failed this course if the instructor would have provided me with enough feedback to succeed. I was set up for failure and the instructor does not like me.

Evaluative decision making
Although it is...
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