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World history

Artifacts are remains such as tools jewelry and other human made objects

Culture people's unique way of life

Hominid a member of a biological group including human beings and related species that walk

Paleolithic Age a prehistoric period that lasted from about 2,500,000 to 8000 B.C

Neolithic Age a prehistoric period that started 8000

Technology the ways in which ppl apply knowledge tools and inventions to meet there needs

Homo sapiens Homo sapiens is the scientific name for the human species. Homo is the human genus, which also includes Neanderthals and many other extinct species.

Chapter 1

In 1992, Gen Suwa, a paleontologist from Japan discoveries in east Africa one of the oldest hominid teeth ever found

Over the next two years, additional remains were uncovered like arm bones and parts of a skull and jaw that belonged to 17 ppl

Just 45 miles away in 1974 Donald C. Johanson and Tom Gray uncovered a 3.2 million year old Skelton.

Tool making the use of tools was one of the earliest aspects of culture that ppl formed

The Stone Age name used to idem

Homo habilis lived during first of Paleolithic period

Oldest hominids known to create tools

Lived In Africa from about 2.5 to 1.5 million


Instead of just making sounds and signals to show emotion and direction

Homo erectus may have been talking to each other about 500,000 years ago

Laungage was one of humanity's greatest accomplishments

What benefits did language do to humanity

Made it for ppl to work together

Enabled ppl to exchange ideas about the world

Provided a way for ppl to socialize

evidence of early Homo sapiens goes back as far as 200,000 years ago

Neanderthals most likely the first Homo sapiens

Neanderthals stood about 5,5 tall their brains were slightly bigger than today's modern day humans

Most lived in small groups of 35 to 50 ppl

We're nomads...
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