Topics: United Arab Emirates, Arab World, Arab League Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: May 3, 2013
To: Mark Neville, ESL Instructor
From: Hassan M. Khairat
Date: April 28, 2013
Subject: Localization in UAE workplace

Localization is positive step have been taken in UAE. Localization is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local "look-and-feel (Rouse, 2005). The problem that I want to consider solving is expatriates that live and work in UAE. The issues consider to solve this problem is giving them the chance to get high paid jobs based on their qualifications with no visa rejection. A lot of expatriates born and lived in UAE and after they are done with their bachelors they can’t find a job because of political issues based in their home land. Localization is a term in UAE used by every organization based in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. My issues about localization are based on the expatriates living in the UAE. First, localization is preventing expatriates from having qualified jobs because of the vast number of educated locals. Locals just want the high ranked jobs but expatiates can take any job with no issues about the salaries or the position. Second, due to the political issues based in 90% of the Arab countries affects expatriates life in UAE. Expatriates may be having a very little chance to have a job due to immigration orders. Third, localization affecting the rules and regulations at the work place regarding the expatriate’s benefits, salaries & living conditions. Localization can be solved by considering the expatriates born and educated in UAE have the same benefits of having a good paying job. Giving the expatriates and the locals the same priority of getting the benefits of living good standards. Localization is a good step in the UAE to prevent the loss of the education standards due to UAE locals. However, if the government would actually understand the fact of the political issues happening in the Arab world would separate between the business and politics. At last, solving these...
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