Locality Project

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Sociology Pages: 7 (2950 words) Published: July 23, 2013
In this report my locality project will be centred on the borough of hackney and mainly centred around crime and the effects it may have on health. Crime is relevant to the topic because crime has a direct effect on health. If a physical crime has been committed on somebody the impact to the victim could affect their health whether the damage is small or massive. Crime is relevant to hackney because it has a high rate of it. Hackney is rated six on Crime in Boroughs of greater London (Hackney council, 2011). Crime would also affect the way the community acts towards each other. If there is a high rate of crime people will be less inclined to go out, may treat other members of the community different and would generally act differently because of fear. In order to better understand this report I will define community in relation to crime. A community is a collection of people who share some attribute of their lives. It may be that they live in the same locality, attend a particular church or even share a particular interest such as gardening…A community can also be defined as a social system in which the members interact formally or informally and form networks that operate for the benefit of the people in the community. (Kozier,2012) ‘Community’ has been used at one and the same time to describe a network of people with common interests; as a place where participation is to be found and where services are located and where change in social circumstances may be affected. (Cooke and Philipin, 2008) The similarity in these definitions is the fact that they describe the community as a group of people. They also use the word network to describe community. A network meaning, an interconnected group or system. (dictionary.reference, 2012). What is different is the Cooke definition mentions the potential change in social circumstances if anything in the community happens. Whereas the Kozier definition focuses mainly on the way the community operates. The Kozier definition is useful because it identifies community in its most basic terms, however it does not expand like the Cooke definition so is not extremely useful to the report. The Cooke definition is more useful because crime directly affects the community and it highlights the potential changes it could have in social circumstances whether it is to a person or the community as a whole. This is important because change in community or person if negative would be detrimental, for example if a type of crime that was common was robbery of shops, shops may not open due to fear of attack and if they don’t open people may not be able to get their food which may have a direct effect on their health. If the social change was to a person it could affect their ability to do things, for example if a person was attacked and their leg was broken during the attack. That is a direct effect on their general health as well as it would make future endeavours to maintain a healthy lifestyle hard. In this report I used a variety of sources in order to make sure I had a range of different types of information to choose from as well as to gain a different insight on certain perspectives that may not be possible with other sources because they are limited. I used newspaper reports, academic resources, government statistics (census, metropolitan poilce), government reports, government council website, government surveys and personal observations gained from TV and thoughts. The advantages of newspaper reports is it is readily available, they are easy to understand, they contain up to date current news, information may be only concerning that area or a larger geographical area depending on where you live giving it focus. Disadvantages of newspapers are it may be bias because the reporter or analyst may project their own views with the information and make is hard for the reader to analyse the situation themselves. Some newspapers are politically motivated and may obscure the truth in order to project...

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