Local Studies

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Local Literature

Ferdinand Marcos (1978) Education is basically intended to satisfy the human resource for knowledge. In a developing society such as ours, it acquires the more urgent obligation to address itself to the needs of national development. Manpower development seeks to respond, more directly and more materially the changing as well as mounting requirement of the process of development. Education then is a source of economic and social benefits. It determines in part the individual’s income and society’s productive capacity. It is also principle of occupational therefore social mobility.

Education and manpower development together with employment constitute the central factors of the human resource development strategy. In context of a rapidly growing population an entry into the school system and jobs in the labour market established two basic formulations of policies Local Studies

Gabriel (2003) cited that students will be rained to more diverse to suit the community. Just society itself, It is sum as a mirror on the demand of demand education must mirror the demand of the society as whole.

Rodriguez study in a study submitted to Centro Escolar University in 1972, reported that there was substantial degree of relationship between the Philippine Self-adminestering Intelligence test and the scholastic achievement of students. This goes to show that intelligence is a factor that affects academic achievement.

BO (1996) Human Resources refers to the process by which the actual and potential labor force is made to systematically acquire greater knowledge, skills or capacity for the nation’s sustained economic and social growth.

Julita C. Rosales (1976) In her study Rosales concluded that of the three academic learning potential, personal traits, and academic grades, the academic learning potential and overall general average are better predictors of academic success than a person’s personality traits.

Western (1996) contents that is along this lie that of managers of Human resource Development are continually looking for ways and means to help the Human resource of the organization abreast which the trends and develop.

Manalo (1986) The study conducted by Manalo revealed that the three items categorized as highly stressful are inability to understand self which is ranked first, the second is family concerns and pressures and the third was on the item on interpersonal relationship among peers and friends. Likewise family income is related to perception of personal stress.

Teresito Delfin (1976) it was shown by this research that the overall socio-economic status of Collegiio De San Jose Recoletos were significantly related to their academic performance.
Tilan (1997) research work evolved from the identified priority develop problems, need, issues and opportunities of Lorma College and served as a general guide to propel this institution to attain its vision, mission, goals and objectives. It served as the base of formulating annual action plan and budget for implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

G. Aquino (1974) it is in this regard where the role of the school lies. Schools always develop the children into wholesome individuals, Teachers can be called upon and perform vital functions geared towards the realization of the educational objectives.

E. Noel (1989) the present study is anchored on the concept that human success is affected by multi-factors: personal, social, psychological, demographic, economic, etc. Human success is further limited and particularized to a specific area: academic achievement. Statistical treatment

The data collected in this study were organized and classified based from the research design and the problems formulated. The data gathered were tabulated properly to processing to present and interpret the results. The following statistical tools are used in processing.

1. The frequency and percentage.

The frequency and the percentage were used...
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